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3/4" x 500' .940 OD Poly Tubing - 500' Roll

For main and lateral lines of a drip irrigation system. Use 3/4' compression fittings (940 series). 500 foot roll.
Irrigation Direct3/4" x 500

3/4" x 500' .940 OD Poly Tubing - 500' Roll


Item #: DD-DH940-500

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For main and lateral lines of a drip irrigation system. Use 3/4" compression fittings (940 series). 500 foot roll.
  • 500 foot roll
  • .820" Inside Diameter & .940" Outside Diameter
  • Use 940 Series Compression fittings with this tubing.
  • Operating Pressure: 10 - 60 PSI
  • Recommended Pressure: 30 PSI
  • High Quality PE (Polyethylene) Drip Tubing
  • Manufactured with Finger Print PE Resin
  • Blank Black Drip Tubing for Professional Installation
  • Maximum Flow Rate per Circuit: 480 GPH (Gallons Per Hour)

Product Overview

For main and lateral lines of a drip irrigation system. Use 3/4" compression fittings (940 series). The maximum distance that you can run drip tubing will vary with the number of emitters you install and the spacing between emitters.

How To Install 940 Series Solid Poly Drip Tubing


Video Transcript

940 Series Solid Poly Tubing DD-DH940

The 940 series solid poly tubing from Irrigation Direct is used with drip irrigation for main and lateral water lines. It has a .940 outside diameter and a .820 inside diameter giving the tubing a .060 wall thickness.

Because of its softness, drip poly tubing is not meant to be buried. If buried, the tubing may compress and reduce or cut off the flow of water. Vermin such and gophers and moles are known to chew poly tubing that has been buried.

If you need to bury your drip poly tubing, its best to sleeve the buried length with rigid PVC tubing.

Its operating pressure is 10 - to 60 psi with its optimal pressure being 30 psi. Its maximum flow rate is 480 gallons per hour. Its manufactured from high quality polyethylene resigns and UV inhibitors. With proper care and maintenance, poly tubing can last for up to 8 years. Mulching over tubing will extend the tubings life.

Solid poly tubing from Irrigation Direct comes in several lengths. Theres our 50ft, 100ft and 500ft roll.

The 940 series tubing uses the 940 series of compression fittings.

Before Installing, its best to let your drip tubing sit in the sun for at least 30 minutes. This softens the tubing and allows it to unroll for easier installation.

When unrolling the tubing, start by using a tubing holder stake or heavy object to keep the tubing in place. Then unroll the tubing as you would roll a tire. This helps to help keep the tubing from spiraling and causing kinks.

Once unrolled, use tubing holder stakes at 5 to 10 foot intervals to secure the tubing in place.

Now your tubing is ready for Drip Emitters or Micro Sprays.

The 940 series solid poly tubing is just one of many professional irrigation products available from Irrigation Direct.


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Item #DD-DH940-500

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