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1/2" Compression Elbow .620 OD Raindrip Replacement - Green Rings

Order in increments of 5 - Use 620 compression elbows to make 90 degree turns in 620 drip irrigation poly tubing (.620' OD). Green rings indicate 620 fittings (for .620' Rain Drip tubing).
Irrigation Direct1/2" Compression Elbow .620 OD Raindrip Replacemen

1/2" Compression Elbow .620 OD Raindrip Replacement - Green Rings


Item #: DD-L620

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Order in increments of 5 - Use 620 compression elbows to make 90 degree turns in 620 drip irrigation poly tubing (.620" OD). Green rings indicate 620 fittings (for .620" Rain Drip tubing).

  • Green rings indicate 620 fittings for 1/2" .620" OD Raindrip tubing
  • Compression Elbow
  • Quick & Easy Installation
  • High Quality Plastic with Maximum UV Protection
  • Recommended Operating Pressure: 10 to 30 PSI
  • Maximum Operation Pressure: 60 PSI.
Product Overview

Use drip irrigation compression elbows to make 90 degree turns in 1/2" .620" OD Raindrip tubing . Poly tubing may kink if you try to make a tight turn without an elbow. Green rings indicate 620 fittings.

How To Install a Drip Irrigation Elbow


Video Transcript


The 620 series compression elbow from Irrigation Direct is a replacement for the RainDrip elbow and is used with drip irrigation to make a 90 degree turn in half inch solid tubing. Using an elbow will prevent the hose from kinking in tight turns.

When installing, be sure to match up the drip tubing you are using to the correct compression fitting. 620 Raindrip tubing uses the 620 Raindrip fittings.

Look for the green compression rings at either end of the elbow. The green ring indicates 620 Raindrip size

Installing a compression elbow is quick and easy.

To begin, simply cut your drip tubing with a pair of clippers or scissors. Make a straight cut across the pipe to ensure a tight fit. Insert your drip tubing into one end of the compression elbow and press inward, rocking the pipe and fitting back and forth. Use your thumb as a guide or score a mark on the tubing with your fingernail

When installing in cold weather, it helps to dip the tubing in warm water for a few minutes to soften the ends.

Compression fittings come in several sizes and all are color coded for easy identification. Other common sizes are 700 and 710.

Black rings indicate 700 drip tubing

Blue rings indicate 710 drip tubing

The L620 elbow is just one in a full line of half inch compression fittings available for Raindrip size tubing from Irrigation Direct.


Replacement for
Ag Products 600-CELL Agrifim CEL 600 Antelco 51195 Aquarius Brands 600-CELL DIG 24-004 Dripworks 620CL Hit RPCEL 600 Jain Irrigation 600-CELL MrDrip 620ELBOW Pepco 600-CELL Raindrip R315CT R315CB A315CT A315CB 367G10B 367G00UB Salco SLV-CELBOW-600 The Drip Store LF008 Weathermatic SLV-CELBOW-600Drip FittingIrrigation FittingPoly Fitting

Item #DD-L620

Compression Elbow for 620 drip tubing

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