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Emitters: aka Drip Emitters, Irrigation Drippers, Drip Irrigation Emitters, Button Drippers & Flag Emitters: Drip Irrigation Emitters distribute water droplets at a specified flow rate when used as part of a drip irrigation system and designed to water the root zones of plants. Drip irrigation emitters come in a variety sizes, styles, and flow rates. These drip irrigation emitters have barbed or threaded bases. Drip Irrigation Emitters with barbed ends are either poked directly into 1/2" drip tubing or inserted into the end of 1/4" tubing. Drip Irrigation Emitters with threaded bases are screwed into micro tubing stakes and risers. All drip emitters are used in conjunction with a Pressure Regulator and Drip Filter.

Pressure Compensating Drip Emitters: Pressure compensating drip irrigation emitters (PC Emitters) deliver a consistent output of water, even with changes in elevation or pressure due to long drip runs. These drip irrigation emitters are best used in landscapes and gardens that have drops in elevation that would cause an increase in pressure.

Non Pressure Compensating Drip Emitters: Non pressure compensating drip irrigation emitters output will vary with changes in elevation and pressure. These drip emitters are best used where the water zone is flat and level with very little elevation changes in the landscape.

Sprayers: aka Micro Sprays & Jets: Micro spray covers a category of spray caps, bases, one-piece, and adjustable sprayers and bubblers that are small and designed to operate with drip irrigation systems. These drip irrigation sprayers can be used for ground cover, flower beds, vegetable gardens and landscapes where you need to water a large area.

Not sure which type of drip irrigation emitter to buy? Compare all drip irrigation emitters


Sprinkler irrigation systems are commonly used in lawn irrigation systems and other planted areas where a spray or mist is desirable. For plants that require uniform coverage of water (grass, ground cover, seeds) a sprinkler irrigation system is appropriate.

If you are installing lawn sprinkler irrigation systems, Irrigation Direct carries a variety of supplies and parts like an adjustable nozzles for Rain Bird sprinkler heads. Our shrub adapters are perfect for garden sprinklers and shrub zones.

Combine pop-ups and rotors with electronic sprinkler controllers (timers), and inline valves to automate your landscape sprinkler irrigation system. Browse our Sprinkler System Supplies and Parts to find sprinkler nozzles, bubblers, swing assemblies, cut-off risers, Marlex 90s, and more.


Drip irrigation is a watering method which delivers water to plants slowly and right where they need it at the roots. Where typical pop-up sprinklers spray water into the air and onto plants, drip irrigation systems combine flexible poly drip tubing and drip emitters or "drippers" to both conserve water and save money.

Drip irrigation systems are not affected by wind and will greatly reduce evaporation and runoff common with traditional irrigation systems. Drip irrigation is the perfect solution for raised vegetable garden beds, hanging baskets, and potted plants.

Learn how to plan, design, and install your own Drip Irrigation System with our FREE online Drip Irrigation Tutorials.

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