Water Source Connection Items

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With your flow information and a design plan sketched out, its time to work up a materials list of all the parts you will need for your drip irrigation system. Start with the parts for your water source connection; make sure to add all the required items and any adapter fittings that may be needed. Next, include the items necessary for your water distribution. Be sure to include enough 1/2 & 1/4 drip tubing, fittings and tubing holder stakes to cover the entire area to be watered. The final parts to add will be the drip emitters, soaker hose dripline, sprayers and bubblers.

We have included a materials checklist for you to use in conjunction with your design plan to source out all the items you will need for your drip system. Use the columns to the left for hash marks when you are counting up the individual items, then use the columns to the right to record the total needed for each part.

QUICK TIP: When creating your parts list, its best to included a few extra fittings, emitters and goof plugs. These extra parts can be used to make repairs to your system if necessary and can help to keep your down time to a minimum.

Water Source Connections Items

_______ Timer (DD-HEDT) Qty_____

_______ Drip Zone Kit Qty_____

3/4" Drip Assembly w/20 psi regulator (DD-DZ75LF20) Qty_____

3/4" Drip Assembly w/30 psi regulator (DD-DZ75LF30) Qty_____

_______ Irrigation Valve

3/4 Valve w/pipe threads (DD-DFV075) Qty_____

1 Valve w/pipe threads (DD-DFV100) Qty_____

1 Valve w/slip inlets (DD-DFV100SS) Qty_____

_______ Ball Valve

Inline Valve (DD-BV75) Qty_____

Y Ball Valve (DD-YBV75) Qty_____

_______ Backflow Preventer (DD-HVB) Qty_____

_______ Fertilizer Injector (EZFLO-2005-HB) Qty_____

_______ Filter

Inline Filter 3/4 hose threads (DD-HIF75) Qty_____

Y Style Filter 3/4 hose threads (DD-YS75HFM) Qty_____

Y Style Filter 3/4 pipe threads (DD-YS75) Qty_____

Y Style Filter 1 pipe threads (DD-YS100) Qty_____

_______ Pressure Regulator

10 psi 3/4 hose threads (DD-HPR10) Qty_____

25 psi 3/4 hose threads (DD-HPR25-HQ) Qty_____

45 psi 3/4 hose threads (DD-HPR45) Qty_____

20 psi 3/4 pipe threads (DD-PR20LF-75) Qty_____

30 psi 3/4 pipe threads (DD-PR30LF-75) Qty_____

_______ Drip Tubing Adapter

Compression Adapter w/FHT (DD-CHS700) Qty_____

Compression Adapter w/FPT (DD-CFP700) Qty_____

Direct-Loc Adapter w/FHT (DL-FHS600) Qty_____

1/4 Barbed Adapter w/FHT (DD-CHS250) Qty_____

Misc Adapter Fittings __________________________


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