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Turbo Rain Solar Charged Rain Water Pump with Manual Timer

Part #: SRP-T
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Product Description

Turbo Rain Solar Charged Rain Water Pump System with Manual Timer - For Rain Harvesting & Rain Barrels

Turbo Ran Solar Charged Rain Water Pump. Model SRP-T

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Garden Green EcoSolutions provides a sustainable irrigation solution by providing a practical and efficient way to pump collected rainwater to your garden, flower beds or shrubbery. Collecting rainwater is easy, but relying on water flowing out the bottom spigot to your garden will prove to be ineffective and very frustrating. This is why we invented the Turbo Rain Solar Rain Pump, to "Turbo Charge" your rain barrel so you can find innovative ways to use the rainwater.

  • Provides a sustainable irrigation solution by providing a practical and efficient way to pump collected rainwater to your drip irrigation system (gardens, flower beds, shrubbery or trees)
  • The Turbo Rain Solar Rain Water Pump is powered with a 12 volt battery, providing hours of pumping time on a charged battery
  • No dangerous power cords to drag around the yard, the Solar Rain Water Pump can easily and safely be moved to multiple rain barrel locations. One Turbo Rain Solar Rain Water Pump can meet the irrigation needs of many rain barrel locations SRP-T
  • The SRP-T allows the user to set a time and the pump will automatically turn off. This provides the user with the ability to set the time and walk away as the pump does its job. As our most popular model, customers find the mechanical timer easy to use and it saves them time versus manually watering their plants

Includes the following:

Turbo Rain Solar Rain Pump – Manual Timer unit


20 Watt Solar Panel (shipped separately) Solar Panel Plug and Plug Tool

1 Rain Barrel Conversion Kit

Product Details

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Pump Specs

  • 12 Volt DC self priming diaphragm pump
  • Flow Rate: 3.3 GPM (198 GPH)
  • Operating Pressure: 40 PSI with pressure switch shutoff
  • 18 Amp hour sealed deep cycle battery (Provides over 4 hours of pump operation)
  • 20 Watt Solar Panel with 3 Amp charger - Provides and regulates power to the battery
  • Quick Connect Fittings - Allows quick connect and disconnect of pump between various rain barrels
  • Comes with 1 rain barrel conversion kit (SRP-RBC)
  • Weather resistant case - Stands up to inclement weather
  • Commerical grade components
  • Prewired for optional electric battery charger (SRP-DCB)

Performance Data

  • 30 Minute timer allows user to set a run time between 5 - 30 minutes, then shuts off automatically SRP-T Connections
  • Battery allows the user to run the pump for 4.5 hours or 891 gallons
  • Typical run time of 1 hour can be recharged in 3 hours of sunlight
  • Pump can be moved between rain barrels in minutes
  • High flow filter can be removed for easy cleaning

Why Choose the Turbo Rain Solar Rain Pump - Timer model?

  • Save time watering by setting the pump to run and walking away
  • Water one micro-drip zone while you weed or prune other plants
  • Know that your garden is getting a thorough watering without wasting precious rain water
  • Carry the Turbo Rain Solar Rain Pump to another rain barrel and water another zone in minutes


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The Turbo Rain Solar Rain Water Pump is a portable pumping unit designed to easily connect to a rain barrel and pump the rain water to a drip emitter system or a simple garden hose. Turbo Rain Solar Rain Water Pumps come with a standard size pump (upgrades available), a standard size battery (upgrades available), and a method for activating the pumps (options below). The idea is to turn common rain barrels into a useful resource as they are generally not very convenient to use with just the gravity feed spigot. The Turbo Rain Solar Rain Water Pump allows you to move water effectively out of the rain barrel and to your plants.

PDFPrintable PDF Instructions

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