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Pressure Regulator 10 PSI - Hose Threaded 3/4" FHT x 3/4" MHT for Drip Tape

Part #: DD-HPR10
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Note:  This HOSE THREAD pressure regulator is designed for use with DRIP TAPE

Product Description

A pressure regulator reduces household water pressure to a set pressure for use with a drip tape system. Always install a pressure regulator after a valve and filter. They are not designed to be operated under constant pressure. Learn how to choose a drip regulator.

NOTE: If incoming water pressure is over 80 PSI, we recommend installing a regulator designed for high-pressure domestic water supply to reduce household pressure below 80 PSI. Consult a plumber or Irrigation Contractor.

How to Install a Drip Irrigation Pressure Regulator


Irrigation Direct Product Tutorial

Video Transcript


Hose Pressure Regulator: DD-HPR10

Hose pressure regulators from Irrigation Direct are designed to reduce household water pressure to a lower set pressure for use with Drip Irrigation systems. The HPR10 is a preset 10 psi regulator that is used with Drip Tape systems.

It comes with a ¾” FHT inlet and a ¾” MHT outlet. Its maximum pressure input is 80 psi and will only regulate pressure when under flow.

For larger systems with irrigation valves, be sure the pressure regulator is installed after the valve and filter.

As with all hose threads, no Teflon tape is required. A standard hose washer is used to make a water tight seal.

Installing a pressure regulator is quick and easy.

Simply screw the pressure regulator onto your desired water source below the installed filter. Hand tighten to make a water tight seal.

The HPR10 Hose Pressure Regulator is just one in a full line professional irrigation product available from Irrigation Direct.

The hole in the side of the DD-HPR-10 regulator is a vent hole. It allows the regulator to see atmospheric pressure so that there is always constant pressure on one side of the regulator. All pressure regulators have some method of achieving this. The design of this regulator is such that if dirt or sand is carried in from the water, it could settle in the valve area and cause scaring on the internal valve parts as they move to regulate the downstream pressure.  The scaring of these parts is what causes the water seepage.

 Some precautions to take when using this regulator would be:

  • On new systems always flush the mainlines before installing the regulator.
  • Use filtration before the regulator.
  • Regulators should be installed with the vent hole unobstructed.

When the hole is closed, sealed or obstructed it will cause the regulator to become unregulated.

Product Details

  • Drip Tape Pressure Regulator
  • Inlet: 3/4" (.75 inch) FHT (Female Hose Thread)
  • Outlet: 3/4" (.75 inch) MHT (Male Hose Thread)
  • 10 PSI Pre-set Pressure Regulator
  • Flow Rate Range: .1 - 8 GPM (Gallons Per Minute)
  • Maximum Operating Inlet Pressure: 80 PSI
  • Heavy Duty ABS Plastic with Maximum UV & Oxidizer Protection
  • Recommended to be installed after a filter 
  • Regulator is not designed to be under static (constant) pressure
  • Regulator will only reduce pressure under flow

Compare Drip Pressure Regulators

Regulator Uses Pressure (psi) Inlet Threads
Outlet Threads
PR20LF-75 Use with non-pressure-compensating emitters & pipe threaded fittings 20 3/4" female pipe threads 3/4" male pipe threads
PR30LF-75 Use with pressure-compensating emitters, hanging baskets, landscapes with changes in elevation, & pipe threaded fittings 30 3/4" female pipe threads 3/4" male pipe threads
HPR10 Use with Drip Tape systems & hose threaded fittings 10 3/4" female hose threads 3/4" male hose threads
HPR20 No Longer Available.
20 3/4" female hose threads 3/4" male hose threads
   HPR25-HQ High quality pressure regulator. Used in both flat and elevated landscapes with either pressure-compensating and non-pressure-compensating emitters & hose threaded fittings
25 3/4" female hose threads 3/4" male hose threads
HPR30 No Longer Available.
30 3/4" female hose threads 3/4" male hose threads
HPR45 No Longer Available. 45 3/4" female hose threads 3/4" male hose threads



Hose Bibb, Faucet, Spigot, Hydrant.

Y Hose Bibb Ball Valve. This 2-outlet ball valve allows for connection of garen hose and drip system from the same hose bibb, faucet, spigot, or hydrant.

Hose End Digital Timer . A timer is optional. You may opetate your system manually with the Y Ball Valve above.

Hose Vacuum Breaker Prevents water from flowing back from your drip irrigation system into your household water.



Hose Inline Filter  (120 mesh screen)


Pressure Regulator (pre-set) 

Swivel Hose Adapter - Connects to 700 drip mainline with a compression fitting. For 1/4" tubing a swivel adapter with  a 1/4" barb.  

1/2" drip mainline tubing


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