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Black PVC Fittings Schedule 40

Irrigation Direct offers Schedule 40 Black PVC pipe fittings as special order items only. To order Schedule 40 Black PVC pipe fittings, a minimum order quantity is required.


Schedule 40 Black PVC pipe fittings from Irrigation Direct are available in a wide variety of configurations and are the most common PVC pipe fittings used in the irrigation industry. The term “Schedule 40” refers to the strength and thickness of the black PVC pipe or PVC pipe fitting and how much pressure the PVC pipe can hold. Schedule 40 black PVC pipe fittings are designed to handle water pressures of 120 psi and water temperatures up to 140 degrees. Meets NSF and ASTM D2466 requirements. Manufactured from PVC Type 1, Grade 1.

Schedule 40 Black PVC pipe fittings, (aka Sch 40), are general black in color and come available in two main connection options: Slip and Threaded.

Schedule 40 Black PVC pipe slip fittings are solvent welded to PVC pipe using PVC cement. PVC cement is designed to melt plastic, creating a weld between PVC pipe and a PVC pipe fitting.Schedule 40 PVC Fitting

Schedule 40 Black PVC pipe fittings are designed with pipe threads and are used to attach external items that also come with pipe threaded connections, such as irrigation valves, risers, ball valves and backflow preventers. Teflon tape is required when installing threaded schedule 40 black PVC pipe fittings.

PVC and Schedule 40 black pipe fittings are very versatile and can be used to distribute air or water at high and low pressures. Schedule 40 black PVC pipe fittings are also easy to install and generally cheaper than alternative materials. Schedule 40 black PVC pipe fittings have a long lifespan and are highly resistant to corrosion and chemicals making them the preferred choice for sprinkler systems, drip irrigation systems, potable water, chilled water, irrigation, golf courses, pools/spa and aquarium applications.



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