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Drip Tape Supplies

Drip tape irrigation tubing is a thin walled drip line that is used in the agricultural industry as a more economical and efficient method for watering row crops. First known as “Dew Hose”, drip tape irrigation tubing was developed in the United States by Chapin Watermatics and available in various thicknesses for specific crop needs. Initially designed as a throw-away product for farmers, drip tape irrigation supplies' popularity has grown in the last decade with large garden hobbyists and now drip tape irrigation supplies has trickled down to homeowner backyard gardens.Drip Tape

Unlike traditional drip irrigation systems of solid poly drip irrigation tubing and external drip emitters, drip tape irrigation emitters are installed as the drip tape irrigation tubing is extruded and fused into the inner wall of the drip tape. Our drip tape irrigation tubing is available in either 8” or 12” emitter spacing in both 8mil and 15mil tubing thickness.

  • Both 8mil & 15mil thick drip tape irrigation tubing are designed for either surface or subsurface irrigation
  • Perfect for row crops and vegetable gardens

Because drip tape is a thin walled tubing, drip irrigation tape is designed to operate at a much lower pressure and requires filtration of 200 mesh or higher. Drip tape irrigation fittings are used exclusively with drip tape and drip tape irrigation fittings are designed to give you various connection options.

Irrigation Direct offers a complete line of Row Crop Drip Irrigation Tape Kits from size small to jumbo.

Click Here for our Drip Tape Design Guide - NEW!


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