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Soaker Hose Dripline

Soaker Hose DriplineSoaker Hose Dripline: aka Drip Emitter Tubing, Dripper Line & Drip-a-Long: Soaker Hose Dripline has drip emitters injected into the tubing as it is extruded. The drip irrigation soaker hose comes with drip emitters evenly spaced from 6 to 12 inches for 1/4” size tubing and 12” to 3 feet for 1/2” size tubing. The drip irrigation soaker hose is useful in row crops, vegetable gardens and evenly-spaced tree and shrub plantings.


1/2" Soaker Hose Dripline .700 OD comes with Pressure Compensating Drip Irrigation Emitters (PC Emitters) placed at 12", 18", 24" & 36" intervals and uses .700 series Compression Fittings or Direct-Loc Fittings. PC Emitters deliver a consistent output of water, even with increase changes in elevation or pressure due to long drip runs. This drip irrigation soaker hose is best used in landscapes and gardens that have drops in elevation that would cause an increase in pressure.


1/4" Soaker Hose Dripline comes with Non Pressure Compensating Drip Irrigation Emitters (Non PC Emitters) placed at 6" & 12" intervals and uses 1/4" barbed fittings. Non pressure compensating drip irrigation emitters output will vary with changes in elevation and pressure. This drip irrigation soaker hose is best used where the water zone is flat and level with very little elevation changes in the landscape.


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