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1/2" x 100' .700 OD Poly Tubing - 100' Roll

Part #: DD-DH700-100
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Note: No holes or emitters in tubing. This is NOT soaker hose.

Product Description

For main and lateral lines of a drip irrigation system. Use 1/2" compression fittings (700 series) or Direct-Loc drip fittings (fits 700 & 710 drip tubing). The maximum distance that you can run drip tubing will vary with the number of emitters you install and the spacing between emitters. 

Drip Tubing Maximum Run Chart

How To Install 700 Series Solid Poly Drip Tubing


Irrigation Direct Product Tutorial

Video Transcript


700 Series Solid Poly Tubing – DD-DH700

The 700 series solid poly tubing from Irrigation Direct is used with drip irrigation for main and lateral water lines. It has a .700 outside diameter and a .600 inside diameter giving the tubing a .050 wall thickness.

Because of its softness, drip poly tubing is not meant to be buried. If buried, the tubing may compress and reduce or cut off the flow of water. Vermin such and gophers and moles are known to chew poly tubing that has been buried.

If you need to bury your drip poly tubing, it’s best to sleeve the buried length with rigid PVC tubing.

Its operating pressure is 10 - to 60 psi with its optimal pressure being 30 psi. Its maximum flow rate is 240 gallons per hour. It’s manufactured from high quality polyethylene resigns and UV inhibitors. With proper care and maintenance, poly tubing can last for up to 8 years. Mulching over tubing will extend the tubing’s life.

Solid poly tubing from Irrigation Direct comes in several lengths. There’s our 50ft, 100ft, 500ft and 1000ft rolls. The maximum distance that you can run drip tubing will vary with the number of emitters you install and the spacing between emitters. 

Look for the “Drip Tubing Maximum Run Chart” on the overview tab on the drip tubing’s product page.

The 700 series tubing uses either compression or direct-loc series fittings.

Before Installing, it’s best to let your drip tubing sit in the sun for at least 30 minutes. This softens the tubing and allows it to unroll for easier installation.

When unrolling the tubing, start by using a tubing holder stake or heavy object to keep the tubing in place. Then unroll the tubing as you would roll a tire. This helps to help keep the tubing from spiraling and causing kinks.

Once unrolled, use tubing holder stakes at 5 to 10 foot intervals to secure the tubing in place.

Now your tubing is ready for Drip Emitters or Micro Sprays.

The 700 series solid poly tubing is just one of many professional irrigation products available from Irrigation Direct

Product Details

  • 100 foot roll
  • 600" Inside Diameter & .700" Outside Diameter
  • Use 700 Series Compression fittings with this tubing. Do not use 710 fittings (blue rings).
  • Use Direct-Loc Drip Fittings (fit 710 & 700 drip tubing)
  • Operating Pressure: 10 - 60 PSI
  • Recommended Pressure: 30 PSI
  • High Quality PE (Polyethylene) Drip Tubing
  • Manufactured with Finger Print PE Resin
  • Blank Black Drip Tubing for Professional Installation
  • Maximum Flow Rate per Circuit: 240 GPH (Gallons Per Hour)
  • Drip Tubing Maximum Run Chart

Maximum Distance

This will vary with the number of emitters you install and the spacing between emitters. Our Drip Tubing Maximum Run Chart refers to pressure-compensating & non-pressure-compensating emitters. See below for more information.

Pressure Compensating Emitters

  • Deliver the stated gph (gallons per hour) even if pressures range is 10-50 psi
  • Works well with elevation changes
  • Self-flushing to reduce clogging

Non-Pressure-Compensating Emitters

  • Output will vary with changes in pressure & elevation

5/8" Compression Fittings

  • Recommended pressure: 10-30 psi
  • Max pressure: 60 psi


What Size Is My Drip Tubing?

The tubing used for drip irrigation mainline varies in size. Even drip hose referred to as "1/2" drip tubing" will differ in sizes depending on where the drip tubing was purchased. The inner and outer diameters vary slightly between tubing numbers. This is especially important when adding on to an existing drip irrigation system. An easy way for you to tell what size drip line tubing you have is by looking at the inner compression ring of the fitting as they are color coded. Compression fittings fit over the outside diameter of the drip line tubing. Compression fittings have color coded rings that correspond to drip tubing sizes.

Refer to the table below and match the drip line tubing size with the appropriate fitting rings.


Drip Hose US Dimensions (inches)
Tubing # Size (commonly called)
Inner DiameterOuter DiameterWall Thickness
Compression Fitting Ring Color
185 1/8" 0.125
 0.185 0.030 n/a
220 7/32"  0.160  0.220 0.030 n/a
250 1/4"  0.170  0.250 0.040 Orange
307 5/16"  0.250  0.307 0.028 Grey
350 11/32" 0.250
0.350 0.050 n/a
455 3/8"  0.375  0.455 0.040 Red
580 1/2"  0.500  0.580 0.040 Yellow
620 Raindrip 1/2"  0.520  0.620 0.050 Green
700 1/2" or 5/8"
 0.600 0.700
0.050 Black
710 1/2" or 5/8"  0.620  0.710 0.045 Blue
830 3/4"  0.720  0.830 0.055 Grey
940 3/4"  0.820  0.940 0.060 Black
940 3/4"  0.830  0.940 0.055 Black
1200 1" 1.060
 1.200 0.070 n/a


Replacement for

Acu-Drip T840 Main Line Ag Products 700x600-100PE Distribution Tubing Aquarius Brands 700x600-100PE Distribution Tubing DIG 14-005 Drip Depot 1045 Dripworks 12100 Jain Irrigation 700x600-100PE Distribution Tubing MrDrip 700-100 Orbit DripMaster 1/2" Distribution Tube 67345 67346 Pepco 700x600-100PE Distribution Tubing Rain Bird 1/2" BLACK STRIPE TUBING XBS100 Raindrip 5/8" Poly Drip Watering Hose 18mm 0610110P Salco SLV-PE700-600-100 Sprinkler Warehouse 14-005 The Drip Store T003 Weathermatic SLV-PE700-600-100Raindrip 1/2" Poly Drip Watering Hose1/2” Tubing.700 OD Tubing1/2” Poly Tubing1/2” Polyethylene TubingIrrigation TubingDrip HoseDrip Irrigation HoseDrip Irrigation TubingDrip PipeThe Drip Store 1/2" .700 OD Poly Tubing












1/2" Compression Coupling (all black - 700 series)

Joins sections of 1/2" drip tubing. No glue required.

1/2" Drip Tubing (700 Series)

SOLID mainline tubing. No holes or emitters.

Threaded End Cap

Installed at the end of the line. Threaded cap allows for easy flushing.


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